Hi i have a hedgie named Attla and she has been scratching her back alot. I checked for mites and she doese ot have them but i think it is just dry skin. Do you have any suggestions to do with her? — Asked by Anonymous

Give her a bath and sprinkle a teaspoon of olive or vegetable oil onto her back :) how old is she? if she’s quilling she will have dry skin and also what bedding do you use? stuff like shavings dry their skin out. aside from all this its totally normal for them to have a bit of dry skin due to seasonal changes so the oil can soothe it for them.

on places like ebay or amazon you can buy specialized handmade oatmeal bath sacks for hedgehogs and that’s a nice natural way to soothe dry skin. also pretty inexpensive too. but the oil is probably the quickest and easiest way to get it done. hope this helps! (sorry it took so long to respond)

I saw the question that someone asked you about hedgehog masturbation. I can tell you that, yes, hedgehogs do masturbate. I don't know about females, but males definitely enjoy "boy time". ;) If you visit Hedgehog Central you will see several accounts of such behavior. :) — Asked by katis228

Wow I honestly didn’t know that! Thank you for this message - as far as we were concerned anything like that was just cleaning! 

What's your name? — Asked by Anonymous

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Recently my hedge hog has been a lot more irritable. He huffs and puffs more than usual and is popping all over the place. I've also caught him "masturbating" a few times (when they lick their penis). Could this be hedgehog puberty? How long will it last? — Asked by Anonymous

Not sure if this was a serious question but okay, first things first i’ve never heard of a masturbating hedgehog. I’m sure he was just cleaning but if he’s doing it excessively then take him to see a specialist, do you use wood shavings? those can get stuck in hedgehog privates so he may have a problem which could also even explain the irritability.

But that aside you should consider how old he is.. i’d say if hedgehogs were to go through a puberty stage it would be during quilling - but it’s not like human puberty. It’s just the transition from baby hedgie into adult hedgie. They begin quilling at around 8-10 weeks and it causes them to be very very grumpy. If this is the case then I would recommend giving him a bath and putting a small teaspoon of vegetable oil into the water and ensuring the water gets over his back - they get extremely dry skin during quilling and the pain and itchyness makes them really cranky.

Quilling lasts a few months usually but you will have about a month of it being really bad - quills being everywhere and hedgehog being really grumpy but it does end eventually.

If he’s not quilling then I can only really suggest handling techniques such as only picking him up when he’s already awake, sleepy hedgehogs are always grumpy. Or you can wake him up at the same time every day which is very effective and can decrease grumpyness ALOT as they will get into a routine. Giving treats when handled, etc. He may just be going through a grumpy stage so just make sure he’s handled regularly and talk to him more. I think if he’s licking his bits alot then get it looked at but I don’t think it’s abnormal for them to clean now and again. Hope this helps!

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Louie, Chilling

My little Louie chilling after a quick bath. He likes them more now that he realized he gets meal worms afterward,lol


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teapot will be going to her new owner in 2 days time! 

teapot will be going to her new owner in 2 days time!